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Laser Hair Removal Cost in DC

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost in the Capital?

Considering laser hair removal? It’s a great choice and probably a lot more affordable than you might think! It’s fast, convenient, and much easier than shaving, waxing, or slathering on removal creams on a regular basis.

So, how much does laser hair removal cost in the capital? Read on to find out how affordable laser hair removal (LHR) in the DC area really is!

Before Laser Hair Removal, Here’s What You Should Know

Laser hair removal requires multiple sessions to get the effects you are looking for, so you can’t expect to have one treatment and be hair free for the rest of your life.

When you see pricing, it is typically per session and not the total cost to achieve up to 90% hair reduction in the targeted area. You will likely need six to eight sessions, though it may take anywhere from two to 12 depending on the treatment area, your hair type, and other factors. 

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost in the Capital?

When it comes to LHR costs, the size of the treatment area makes a big difference. For areas like the chest, back, and legs, you can expect to pay more than for your chin or bikini area. Here are average prices for the most commonly treated areas per visit:

  • Abdomen: $375 – $400
  • Back: $375 – $400
  • Bikini area, including Brazilian: $150 – $275
  • Chest: $375 – $400
  • Face: $75 – 150
  • Upper or lower legs: $275 – $400
  • Underarms: $150 – $175

Keep in mind that these are simply estimates. Your price may be higher or lower than the amounts listed above. Also, LHR pricing is often bundled in discounted packages. So, the greater the number of sessions you purchase, the cheaper your cost per visit will be.

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If you are ready to banish the bumps and ditch the razor burn, today is the day to take action and schedule your consultation to see how easy and affordable laser hair removal is.

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